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Liquid Laundry Pouches

Commercial (8*) Strength, Premium Liquid Laundry Pouches. Simply drop in the machine, load and go for the freshest wash


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About Liquid Laundry Pouches

Pouches, the game changer in clean cleaning...

8 x strength concentrate

Whiter whites and brighter colours, just give our pouches a go and judge for yourself

Simply drop in the machine, load and go

Decades of experience behind the research and development

No waste, minimal transport costs and reduced Co2 creation as a result - Pouches are good for your enviornoment

Used and recommended by washing machine manufacturers for domestic and commercial purposes

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Simply drop a pouch in, load your washing and start your machine for a superior wash for you, your load and the environment every time

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How many pouches do I use?

    • We recommend a judgement of your machine size, load size and level of soiling, as a guide though we suggest:​

    • Based on Load Size

    • 1 POUCH - Small (about half a standard washing basket, a full load in an approx. 6kg washing machine)

    • 2 POUCHES - Large (a full standard washing basket, a full load up to a 9kg washing machine) 

    • 3 POUCHES - Extra Large (an overflowing washing basket, a full load in a 12+KG washing machine.


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